Management Team

Mayada Al-Kassir, COO

Mayada is in charge of billing and coding for HMM.  After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Chemistry, she went on to forge 25 years of experience in different levels of management at varying billing companies all across the country. She has expertise with billing with laboratories as well as clinics.  She’s been a team member with Narguess for over 12 years.  Mayada is particularly well-versed with specialists in internal medicine and pain management and rehabilitation.

Narguess Dadfar, CFO

Narguess has extensive management experience and a track record of determination and success across a variety of international markets.  Her success is rooted in her extensive education, including a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and two Master’s degrees – one in Regional Planning and another in Geographic Information System. She has two decades of project manager skills which our team has benefited tremendously from.  Nearly two decades ago, she met Mayada and they’ve been great friends ever since.   Narguess is in charge of credentialing and office management for HMM.

Randy Awni, CEO

A graduate of UCLA, Randy is the owner of Miner/Mason & Associates, a search firm specializing in the recruitment of Physiatrists – operating for over 30 years.  The firm operates nationally and due to its niche is considered the premier place to go for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians, with clients ranging from the largest health systems to solo practitioners.  He is widely known throughout the PM&R industry by Corporate Executives, Hospital CEO’s and especially amongst Medical Directors and rehab physicians.  He is routinely asked to speak at rehab residency programs as an expert in physician placement and rehab practice management.  After placing a physician, Miner/Mason & Associates helps the physician with practice management and the setup of his/her private practice.