Electronic Medical Records

HMM has experienced firsthand that Electronic Medical Records are an excellent, proven way to help you and your practice maximize patient care and revenue while minimizing costs.  A growing trend of facilities have incorporated EMRs, and for good reason.  In addition, the government has made the transition to  EMRs a priority, putting their money where their mouth is with incentives for those who incorporate EMRs before 2014.

This recent boom in popularity of EMRs has spawned an incredible variety of products in the industry, and it can be difficult to know which one will provide the best solution for your practice.  Effective adoption of an EMR requires understanding of the system itself and how it will affect your workflow.  You can rely on our technological savvy and workflow knowledge to ensure a successful adoption process.

So, what can our expertise do for you?  For an additional cost, we can:

  • Help you determine the best combination of hardware and software
  • Help you install the chosen EMR
  • Help you integrate the chosen EMR into your workflow
  • Help you maintain efficiency
  • Help train your staff on the chosen EMR